Clean4u Amsterdam

Antiviral Sanitisation


For domestic & commercial properties

Clean4u Amsterdam Cleaning specialists will use professional equipment and will wipe all washable surfaces down in order to eradicate and disinfect from all the harmful germs. Our broad spectrum and certified disinfectant is perfect for disease control or precautionary measure in any property or business, in order to ensure and maintain hygienic conditions.

Professional Sanitising Service for your Home or Business


Our detergent can be used on hard floors, carpets, surfaces all around the property. They are applicable in a vast array of circumstances, where this specialized service can be requested. All of our technicians can provide the service on a short notice if an emergency will arise or as a preventative measure.

We will focus on all every possible surface in details. All the switches, door handles, skirting boards, desks and tables, furniture and even the electronic devices will be wiped throughout. The floors, the front door and the entrance to the property will be fully sanitised, so we can guarantee a safe environment for your family members or co-workers.

Let us take care of your every need! From residential cleaning services to office buildings and commercial property, we have you covered with one call. We offer competitive prices that are sure not only meet but exceed standards set by any industry in town – so don’t hesitate on giving us a try today!

You are one step away from experiencing great value cleaning session by local cleaners in  Amsterdam. Give us a call today on 06 44386167