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Cleaning After Renovation Amsterdam

Getting your property back in order after renovation work can feel like an uphill struggle. At Clean 4u Amsterdam we specialise in damage and restoration services for both commercial and residential customers. Our after renovation cleaning service ensures that no matter the condition your property is left in, we will restore it to the best possible condition.

Why you should choose Clean 4u Amsterdam

As cleaning and restoration specialists no after builder cleanup is too much for us to handle. Our technicians go above and beyond to restore your property to the best condition in the shortest possible time to minimize disruption to your life or business. We also offer additional services that supplement the after builders cleaning upon request.

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Cleaning After Renovation

Renovation itself can be draining and often takes a lot longer than you expect. Not to mention the time it would take you to painstakingly clean up afterwards. Therefore, having an after renovation cleaning specialist is the best decision for you to make. The after renovation cleaning service we provide is designed to remove all waste left behind after constriction work. We use our industry leading technology to guarantee that nothing is left behind, so you can have peace of mind knowing your property has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Hiring our post cleaning after renovation services

We recommend that all renovation and renovation works are complete before you look to hire a post renovation cleaning service. If work is still underway on your property, then the process become far more complicated, and the results will not be to the highest standard possible. It is likely that the renovation will create more mess whilst the clean is underway. Which would prolong the service and result in additional costs and limited results. However, if you do require us to perform a clean whilst renovation work is still underway then our experts will cater the service to your needs and ensure you receive the best service possible. An option would be to perform the clean on areas of the property that have already been renovated or to service the property outside of working hours when no renovation work is underway.

After renovation cleaning features:·

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Sanitization of hard surfaces
  • Waste removal & recycling
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Glass cleaning (windows & mirrors)
  • Door frames, windowsills
  • Hard furniture (books shelves, tables, etc.)

Booking an after renovation cleaning service

The first step is for you to speak to one of our experts, either by calling us, submitting a web form or through our live chat feature on the website. The next step is for you to provide us with a few details regarding the size of the property. The location and roughly how much waste we will be clearing out for you and if you require any of our additional services.

With this information our experts will be able to provide a rough estimate on the cost of the service. Once the estimate has been agreed upon on your end, we can begin to set a date and time for the after renovation cleaning to begin.

Benefits to our post renovation cleaning service

The vast majority of dust in your home can be difficult to see with only the naked eye. As a result, most of the time people find that when they choose to perform a post renovation clean themselves the dust always seems to return. However, what is happening is the dust that was missed during the clean will move, build up and then become visible (and very unsightly).