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End of tenancy cleaning

A Checklist for Amsterdam Landlords With Tenants Moving Out

In the bustling city of Amsterdam, where the rental market is as dynamic as its canals, a well-prepared checklist for tenant move-out can significantly ease the transition process for both landlords and tenants. This guide not only serves to clarify expectations but also ensures the property is maintained in excellent condition, facilitating a smoother changeover. Amsterdam landlords can customize this checklist to align with the unique characteristics of their property and comply with local housing regulations.

Essential Items for Your Move-Out Checklist

When tenants decide to move out of your rental unit in Amsterdam, it’s crucial they provide proper notice, typically in the form of a written letter, although alternative methods can be specified in the lease agreement. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the local landlord/tenant laws in Amsterdam to determine the appropriate notice period required for moving out.

Move-Out Checklist

To streamline the move-out process, landlords should provide tenants with a detailed checklist attached as a rider to the lease agreement. This document will outline the specific steps and expectations for vacating the property, potentially covering room-by-room instructions or more general guidelines, depending on your preference.

Why It’s Crucial

A move-out checklist is vital for several reasons, particularly in Amsterdam where the rental market is competitive and maintaining property condition is paramount. It plays a key role in avoiding disputes over security deposits by clearly outlining the expected condition of the property upon departure. By adhering to these guidelines and fulfilling their lease obligations, tenants increase their chances of receiving their full security deposit back, minimizing potential conflicts.

Tailoring Your Checklist

Given the unique aspects of Amsterdam rental properties, from historic canal houses to modern apartments, it’s important to customize your move-out checklist to address specific needs. This might include:

  • Ensuring the property meets Amsterdam housing codes and regulations upon departure.
  • Specific cleaning requirements, considering Amsterdam diverse property types and standards.
  • Checklist items reflecting the cultural and legal expectations unique to the Amsterdam rental market.

By creating a comprehensive move-out checklist tailored to the specific needs of your Amsterdam property, you can facilitate a smoother transition for both you and your tenants, ensuring your property remains in excellent condition for future occupants.


Our specialized team of end-of-tenancy cleaning professionals adheres to meticulously designed protocols and comprehensive checklists, guaranteeing top-tier service quality. The detailed Move-In Cleaning list outlines the specific areas and rooms that our experienced cleaners tackle during their visit to your property. This systematic approach is the result of extensive experience, enabling us to thoroughly clean any apartment or house, thereby exceeding the expectations of landlords and estate agents alike. Below is our end-of-tenancy checklist, crafted to ensure your property is in impeccable condition


* Wipe down doors and on top of doors

* Wipe down baseboards all wooden furniture carefully of dust

* Wash windows from the inside, including window sills and ledges

* Clean inside and out and on top of cupboards/wardrobes

* Remove the spider webs

* Clean & polish mirrors, pictures

* Clean plugs, sockets, light switches & fittings, lamp shades

* Clean the radiators

* Clean behind and under furniture

* Vacuum upholstery

* Vacuum and mop hard floors


* Clean and polish all kitchen cabinets and drawers, both inside and out

* Clean the fridge and freezer both inside and out (if defrosted previously)

* The microwave oven is cleaned inside and out

* Clean the dishwasher and descale it

* Clean and degrease the inside of the oven, polish the outer parts

* Clean and polish the hob and grill

* Clean, degrease and polish extractor fan + filters

* Remove mold and grease from wall tiles, wash and polish

* Clean the exterior surfaces of all kitchen appliances

* Wipe and wash kitchen countertops

* Descale and polish sink taps

* Wash windows from the inside, including window sills and ledges

* Wipe all woodwork (doors, door frames, skirting boards)

* Wipe the radiators

* Clean plugs, light switches

* Vacuum and wash hard floors

Bathroom & Toilet

* Clean the bathtub and descale it

* Wash the shower cabin / screen inside and out / descale

* Clean and disinfect the toilet inside and out

* Descale and polish sink taps

* Wash the tiles, remove mold and wipe the tiles

* Clean & polish mirrors

* Wipe the cabinets/shelves/surfaces and polish the stainless steel

* Wash windows from the inside, including window sills and ledges

* Wipe down door/ frames/ skirting boards

* Wipe the fan

* Clean plugs, light switches

* Vacuum, sanitise & mop floors

Entrance Hall, Hallway & Stairs 

* Remove the spider webs

* Clean / polish mirrors

* Wash windows from the inside, including window sills and ledges

* Wipe doors and on top of them

* Wipe all skirting boards and wood works of dust

* Wipe down banister, stairway, and railings

* Clean lights switches & lights fittings, plugs, lamp shades, sockets

* Clean behind, inside and on top of cabinets and furniture

* Dust all flat surfaces

* Vacuum and mop hard floors


Our end of tenancy cleaning service doesn’t include shampooing the upholstery, carpet cleaning,and the property’s exterior cleaning like gardens and windows, but you can get a big discount by booking two or more services at the same time.End of tenancy cleaning requires your property to be completely empty before our crew moves in to clean it. The reason being it can prevent the professional cleaning.

* In case it is impossible your Flat/House to be emptied please ensure that you store your possessions together in room/corner.

* The refrigerator will have to be defrosted before we arrive.

* Our service guarantee is valid for 7 days after the cleaning is done. We Will Help You Get Your Deposit Back

Get 100% of your rental deposit back

We’ll help you leave your rental apartment sparkling clean with an end-of-tenance cleaning service approved by landlords and letting agents.

Our cleaning service after the end of the lease includes a 7-day deposit guarantee. If the landlord or agent raises any concerns about the standard of cleaning, we will quickly arrange a re-clean to correct any missed details – free of charge!

Please Note: Our 7 days guarantee for move out cleaning in Amsterdam is available only when your property is free of any belongings.
We must be the last people to leave the property before the real estate agent or landlord actually inspects the property.


End-of-Tenancy Cleaning FAQs

Preparing for Move-Out:

Navigate the end-of-tenancy process with ease using our comprehensive FAQ guide. From preparing your Amsterdam rental for move-out to understanding how cleaning impacts your security deposit, our FAQs provide essential insights for both landlords and tenants. Discover everything you need to know about cleaning standards, professional cleaning services, and how to ensure a smooth transition at the end of your tenancy

What is a check-out at the end of a tenancy?

A check-out at the end of a tenancy refers to the final inspection of the rental property conducted by either the landlord, a property manager, or a professional inventory clerk. This process involves comparing the state of the property at the end of the tenancy to its condition at the beginning, as documented in the inventory report. The purpose is to identify any damages or changes that occurred during the tenancy, which could affect the return of the security deposit. In Amsterdam, this process is crucial for ensuring that all parties adhere to the local rental regulations and standards.

What do I need to do to end a tenancy?

To end a tenancy in Amsterdam, you need to follow several steps, ensuring compliance with local laws and lease agreements: Notice: Provide your landlord with a written notice of your intention to leave, respecting the notice period stipulated in your lease. Rent: Ensure all outstanding rent is paid up to the end of your tenancy period. Clean: Clean the property thoroughly, potentially hiring a professional cleaning service, to return the property to the condition it was in at the start of your tenancy. Repairs: Address any damages or wear and tear that occurred during your stay. Check-out inspection: Attend the final check-out inspection with your landlord or their representative. Keys: Return all keys to the landlord on or before the last day of your tenancy. Forwarding address: Provide your landlord with a forwarding address for the return of your security deposit.

What do you do at the end of a tenancy?

At the end of a tenancy, landlords or property managers in Amsterdam should: Schedule a check-out inspection: Arrange a final property inspection to assess its condition. Review the inventory: Compare the current state of the property against the inventory report created at the start of the tenancy. Document: Take photographs or videos during the inspection to document the property's condition. Discuss: Address any discrepancies or damages with the tenant, and agree on any deductions from the security deposit. Finalize utilities: Ensure all utility bills are settled and transferred out of the tenant's name. Return the deposit: Return the security deposit to the tenant, minus any agreed-upon deductions for damages or unpaid rent.

What is the end of tenancy inventory check?

The end of tenancy inventory check is a comprehensive examination of a rental property's condition and contents at the end of a lease. This check is compared against the initial inventory report compiled at the beginning of the tenancy. The aim is to identify any damages, losses, or changes to the property and its contents. Conducting an inventory check is crucial for both landlords and tenants in Amsterdam, as it forms the basis for any claims on the security deposit. It ensures that tenants are only held responsible for any damages or changes beyond normal wear and tear, safeguarding the interests of both parties.

How should I prepare for the end of tenancy cleaning?

Preparing for the end of tenancy cleaning is crucial to ensure the property is returned to the landlord in the best possible condition, which can significantly impact the return of your security deposit. Here's how to prepare effectively: Review Your Lease Agreement: Check your lease for any specific cleaning requirements or standards outlined by your landlord. Declutter: Remove all personal belongings and dispose of any waste, ensuring the property is as empty as possible for the cleaning. Identify Areas of Focus: Pay special attention to high-traffic areas and those that accumulate more dirt, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Don't forget about appliances, windows, and outdoor spaces if applicable. Professional Cleaning Services: Consider hiring a professional cleaning service that specializes in end of tenancy cleaning, especially if your lease agreement specifies this or if the property requires intensive cleaning. Many landlords in Amsterdam prefer professional cleaning to ensure the property meets the high standards expected for the next tenants. Document the Property's Condition: Take photos or videos after the cleaning to have evidence of the property's condition when you leave.

Can a landlord charge for cleaning at the end of a tenancy?

Yes, a landlord can charge for cleaning at the end of a tenancy if the property is not returned in the same level of cleanliness as it was at the beginning of the lease, accounting for normal wear and tear. In Amsterdam, the expectations for the property's cleanliness should be clearly stated in the lease agreement. Here are some points to consider: Lease Agreement: Always refer to your lease agreement for specific clauses related to cleaning and the condition in which the property should be returned. Evidence of Initial Condition: Landlords should provide an inventory checklist and photographic evidence of the property's condition at the start of the tenancy for comparison. Professional Cleaning Clause: Some leases require professional cleaning services to be used at the end of the tenancy. If so, receipts or invoices from the cleaning service may need to be provided as proof. Dispute Resolution: If there is a dispute over cleaning charges, both tenants and landlords in Amsterdam can seek resolution through the local housing committee or a legal mediator, ensuring that any deductions from the security deposit are fair and justified.