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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist✅

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End of tenancy cleaning


Our professional end of tenancy cleaners follow strict company procedures and checklists to ensure you receive the highest level of service. Our deep cleaning Move in Cleaning, list includes the areas/rooms our expert team cleans while at your property. It has been devised after years of practice. Thus we are able to deep clean any house / flat and impress your landlord or estate agent. Our end of tenancy cleaning checklist is as follows


* Wipe down doors and on top of doors

* Wipe down baseboards all wooden furniture carefully of dust

* Wash windows from the inside, including window sills and ledges

* Clean inside and out and on top of cupboards/wardrobes

* Remove the spider webs

* Clean & polish mirrors, pictures

* Clean plugs, sockets, light switches & fittings, lamp shades

* Clean the radiators

* Clean behind and under furniture

* Vacuum upholstery

* Vacuum and mop hard floors


* Clean and polish all kitchen cabinets and drawers, both inside and out

* Clean the fridge and freezer both inside and out (if defrosted previously)

* The microwave oven is cleaned inside and out

* Clean the dishwasher and descale it

* Clean and degrease the inside of the oven, polish the outer parts

* Clean and polish the hob and grill

* Clean, degrease and polish extractor fan + filters

* Remove mold and grease from wall tiles, wash and polish

* Clean the exterior surfaces of all kitchen appliances

* Wipe and wash kitchen countertops

* Descale and polish sink taps

* Wash windows from the inside, including window sills and ledges

* Wipe all woodwork (doors, door frames, skirting boards)

* Wipe the radiators

* Clean plugs, light switches

* Vacuum and wash hard floors

Bathroom & Toilet

* Clean the bathtub and descale it

* Wash the shower cabin / screen inside and out / descale

* Clean and disinfect the toilet inside and out

* Descale and polish sink taps

* Wash the tiles, remove mold and wipe the tiles

* Clean & polish mirrors

* Wipe the cabinets/shelves/surfaces and polish the stainless steel

* Wash windows from the inside, including window sills and ledges

* Wipe down door/ frames/ skirting boards

* Wipe the fan

* Clean plugs, light switches

* Vacuum, sanitise & mop floors

Entrance Hall, Hallway & Stairs 

* Remove the spider webs

* Clean / polish mirrors

* Wash windows from the inside, including window sills and ledges

* Wipe doors and on top of them

* Wipe all skirting boards and wood works of dust

* Wipe down banister, stairway, and railings

* Clean lights switches & lights fittings, plugs, lamp shades, sockets

* Clean behind, inside and on top of cabinets and furniture

* Dust all flat surfaces

* Vacuum and mop hard floors


Our end of tenancy cleaning service doesn’t include shampooing the upholstery, carpet cleaning,and the property’s exterior cleaning like gardens and windows, but you can get a big discount by booking two or more services at the same time.End of tenancy cleaning requires your property to be completely empty before our crew moves in to clean it. The reason being it can prevent the professional cleaning.

* In case it is impossible your Flat/House to be emptied please ensure that you store your possessions together in room/corner.

* The refrigerator will have to be defrosted before we arrive.

* Our service guarantee is valid for 7 days after the cleaning is done. We Will Help You Get Your Deposit Back

Get 100% of your rental deposit back

We’ll help you leave your rental apartment sparkling clean with an end-of-tenance cleaning service approved by landlords and letting agents.

Our cleaning service after the end of the lease includes a 7-day deposit guarantee. If the landlord or agent raises any concerns about the standard of cleaning, we will quickly arrange a re-clean to correct any missed details – free of charge!

Please Note: Our 7 days guarantee for move out cleaning in Amsterdam is available only when your property is free of any belongings.
We must be the last people to leave the property before the real estate agent or landlord actually inspects the property.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the end of tenancy cleaning service include?

A: To see what is included in the service, please refer to our detailed End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist.

Q: Do you provide all cleaning equipment and materials?

A: The end of tenancy cleaning team brings all the tools and products necessary for the completion of the job.

Q: What guarantees that the professional end of tenancy cleaning service will restore the property to the highest standards?

A: Our end of lease cleaning professionals strictly follow an agency-approved list of tasks when cleaning your rental housing, to ensure that every area of the property will be cleaned to the highest of standards before you relocate. This way, The clean4u Cleaning Services technicians make sure that you will obtain your deposit money back. However, if you are not happy with the result, you can contact us and we will arrange a re-clean of the property.

Move In Cleaning Amsterdam
If you’re moving to a new property and want it cleaned beforehand, our team can help you. Our professional cleaners in Amsterdam come fully equipped and trained to help you start your new life in a shining, spotlessly cleaned property. Our pre tenancy cleaning ensures that cobwebs, dirt and any built-up dust are removed so that you can enjoy your new home.