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As one of Amsterdam most recommended and experienced cleaning companies, we recognised some time ago that we have a responsibility to do our bit to protect our world through a more sustainable approach to the work we do.

That’s why we have already made a commitment to use eco-friendly practices, products and solutions wherever possible in providing the highest quality eco-friendly cleaning service to our clients.

Being environmentally aware is important to us as a business, and we know that as awareness of green issues grows, our clients and customers are equally interested in doing what they can to reduce their own environmental impact.

Our commitment to greater environmental responsibility is a small step in the grand scheme of things, but we also believe that it’s a step that has a positive impact on everyone.


For a long time, eco-friendly products were considered to be inferior to the traditional, branded products you can buy on the High Street. But this is no longer the case. Green cleaning technology now means eco-friendly products are just as effective as the harmful, detergent-based alternatives.

Before we use any product, we test it to ensure it’s free of the contaminants and chemicals that pose a risk to the environment and human health but can still achieve the same exceptional cleaning standards that our clients expect from Clean 4u Amsterdam.

Safe for you, safe for the environment
All our products and methods are safe to use in homes or workplaces where there are children and pets, and they also pose no risk to women in pregnancy or those who suffer with asthma or have allergies.


The benefits of using our eco-friendly cleaning service go beyond the positive impact it has on the environment.

Our solutions are tough on dirt and grime, but kind to the planet and people. Using environmentally friendly products rather than harsh detergent-based alternatives reduces the risk of you or your family having a reaction to solutions used to clean your home or office.

And if you have an existing allergy or you know you’re sensitive to a particular product or cleaning solution, we’ll find an alternative that works for you and your body.

Choosing an eco-friendly cleaning service is generally less expensive, too, so by helping us to improve our carbon footprint, you’ll not only enjoy a brilliantly clean living or working environment, but you’ll also potentially save yourself money, too.

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